[Windows] SC2 External Maphack for Version 1.3.3

Ranks are temporarily disabled.


This is an external maphack that uses overlays. Each and every map needs to be calibrated, the settings are saved so you should only have to do it once for each map dimension. It will be changed in a future future that will allow all dimensions to work after 1 calibration.

This program does not inject anything into SC2 or modify the process/files in any way so it's 100% safe from warden. It only reads memory, so you will never get banned. However if you play stupid and always counter your enemies etc, they can ban based of obvious maphacking.

This maphack only works when SC2 is in Windowed mode -Map or Windowed (Fullscreen) mode - Map and Screen.
It may also be ran at any time.

The resolution has NOTHING to do with the minimap. You will have to size it up regardless. And most of the time the red box will be larger than the UI box.

In order for the screen stuff (not minimap) to draw you must use one of the following supported desktop resolutions:
1920x1200, 1920x1080, 1680x1050, 1600x1200, 1600x900, 1440x900, 1366x768, 1280x1024, 1280x800, 1280x720, 1024x768

And I repeat you only have to have a supported resolution for SCREEN not MINIMAP. the MINIAMP will show up regardless of what sc2 reslution you are in. But for SCREEN you must be in a supported one.

And if you don't know what SCREEN and MINIMAP is:
SCREEN: The area of the screen where you select units at and see fog of war etc.
MINIMAP: The bottom left area where you see a mini version of the map.
  • All features are customizable
  • Units drawn on screen to scale and with unit destination
  • Map with unit positions, destinations, and player's camera
  • F5 hotkey to move the map around
  • Viewing resources information for each player
  • Viewing league icon for each player (NA right now)
  • Viewing number of each unit for each player



- Beta version of observer panel style of displaying units.

- Fixed issue where enemies weren't being drawn on minimap.
- Fixed issue where settings weren't being saved to correct location.
- Added a Hotkeys tab in the Options. Can configure repostion and previous/next panel. beta
- Beta version of observer panel style of displaying units.
- Updated offsets for drawing units on screen.
- F5 hotkey now toggles reposition.
- Updated offsets to 1.3.3
- Rankings have been temporarily disabled.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes units were still being displayed when dead.
- Increased the distance to determine if screen stuff should be drawn for a unit.
- Fixed an error where people with no ranks were showning up with a red X.

- Fixed a possible crash when watching replays.
- Added a check to see if aero is enabled, should fix black screen problems.
- Truncated the player's name if it exceeds past the minerals icon to prevent overlapping.
- Added league icon to the player data GUI, and it's only updated when it's done loading.
- Added a backup proxy if sc2ranks bans you.
- Tweaked height calculation for the player data GUI.
- [UNTESTED] Added support for rankings other than US.
- Added an option to draw ranks.

- Added a missing file for the resize image.
- Fixed the crash from previous release.

- Added drawing the player's ranking icon next to the name based off game type.

- Buildings are now displayed on a new row in the production tabs.
- The resolution warning is not displayed when sc2 is not in windowed mode (fullscreen).
- Fixed the moving and resizing isssue of overlays because the taskbar height wasn't included in the calculation.
- Removed drawing the red outline.
- Added mineralfields to be shown.
- Removed showing of creep.
- Removed larva from production overlay.
- Added overlords to the end of drawing.
- Added food supply buildings to the end of the drawing.
- Added a black background to the production tabs to make the lettering easier to read.

- Draws player's windows with their player color.
- Added support for 1920x1080, 1680x1050.
- Added drawing units from starting on the left side instead of the right.
- Changed the order of drawing units on the production tab. Units first, Buildings second, then workers last.
- Fixed the black screen problem with XP (still flickers).
- Updated offsets to patch 3.1.2
- Fixed a possible crash when drawing units on the screen portion if the user is not using a supported version.

- Fixed the repositioning bug.
- Fixed a bug where the neutral player was being displayed sometimes or duplicates of players.
- Added saving the map position of each map dimension.
- Added drawing of the units's texture on the main screen.
- Added drawing of the units's destination on the main screen.
- Added scaling of textures on the main screen.
- Added options for drawing on screen.

- Fixed the XP JIT bug, was caused by using Aero which is only in Vista and 7.
- Fixed the black screen problem if Aero is disabled in Vista and 7.
- Fixed a bug where units wouldn't show up on the production tab if the map was turned off.
- Added a icon to the program.
- Added a loader for the people who can't figure out how to open it.
- Fixed a bug with the toggling color of Reposition.

- Added an options form.
- Added drawing options (Camera, Units, Unit destinations).
- Fixed a bug with camera not scaling.
- Fixed a bug with resizing the map.

- Added an better indiciation on where to resize the window.
- Added a better way to resize and scale the map.
- Everything is being drawn and will be changed to settings based.

- Initial release

Mirrors: (Recommended: Vista, Windows 7)


- (Lead Developer) A person who wishes to be unnamed.
- 2csUG

Having errors or problems?

Update C++ Runtime (Required for the loader)
Download details: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

Update DirectX Runtimes (MUST INSTALL TO RUN EVEN IF YOU HAVE NEWER! Also run the setup after files are extracted.)
Download details: DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)

Getting a black screen on Vista / 7?
How to Turn On and Enable Aero in Windows 7 (Enable Aero Peek) « My Digital Life
- Update your graphics card's drivers
- Still having a black screen? I don't know why then.

Update .Net Framework (Required for the files)
Map Calibration Settings File:
Place these in:
$DRIVE:\Users\$USER\AppData\Roaming\SC2 External Maphack\settings.ini

$DRIVE = drive letter
$USER = current user


Delta Quadrant
Slag Pits
Scrap Station
If you don't want it to flicker you will have to play SC2 in windowed mode, and place the overlays OUTSIDE of theSC2 window. The SC2 window and overlay windows must NOT overlap.